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Cannabis Lawyers

Possession of cannabis may be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of cannabis. The manufacture, delivery, sale, or possession with the intent to deliver cannabis may be a felony depending on the amount of cannabis and the location where a person delivers the cannabis. For instance, dif... »

Should You Tell Your Doctor If You Are Taking Medicinal Cannabis?

Question by migrainegirl1: Should you tell your doctor if you are taking medicinal cannabis? The federal government has declared marijuana/cannabis illigal, even for medicinal uses. What about cancer patients who use it to fight nausea and pain? Glaucoma patients? MS patients? Now that these people ... »

Any Medical Cannabis Dispensaries In San Diego?

Question by Blobs: Any medical cannabis dispensaries in San Diego? Hi – I have just moved back to my hometown, San Diego, and am looking for a medical cannabis dispensary. I am a current patient and have a doctor’s rec. Any advice would be most welcome! Best answer: Answer by Lauren www.... »

Choosing A Cannabis Delivery Service

If you live in California, you are likely aware that the Compassionate Use Act may make medical marijuana available to you. You still need to contact your doctor about whether this plant would be beneficial to your health, but it can help people who are suffering from a surprisingly wide variety of ... »

Medical Marijuana, And Job Required Drug Tests? California (San Diego)?

Question by Willard: medical marijuana, and job required drug tests? california (san diego)? I am going to get a doctor’s reccomendation and a MMJ card, Can employers legally deny me work, if I test positive for marijuana, even with the card and recc.? any personal expeirience or the opinion o... »

Latest Marijuana News

The popularity of cultivating your own crops of the sticky stuff is seemingly growing along with our nation’s acceptance of its use. And with more and more greenhorn growers heading Read More »
POT TV - TheWeedGuy, aka Mark Klokeid, is founder of Kush.ca and the iMedikate medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. Watch his smoke-fests on Pot TV. Read More »
Marijuana legalization is inevitable, as long activists keep the momentum moving forward. This is, of course, a wonderful development, but it will bring new issues with it that must be Read More »
The most influential publication in America is calling for the “national legalization” of marijuana. In a recent editorial The New York Times says that marijuana is no more dangerous or problematic Read More »